Do you want to know how to stop a panic attack? Panic attacks can be very upsetting and sometimes embarrassing, especially when you experience them in public places. These types of episodes can disrupt many activities of daily living that most people take for granted. Be reassured, though, that there are things you can do to lessen the impact brought on by this condition. This article will discuss how to stop a panic attack so that you can take back control of your life and be able to live a normal life again.

panic attack

Panic and anxiety attacks can cripple normal life for a person. They never know when it will hit them next, and so they never leave their homes and become secludes, because it is very difficult to find the causes. Needless to say, this can aggravate the condition.

Before learning how to stop a panic attack, it is important to recognise its signs and symptoms. Fear, a “racing heart”, chest tightness, stomach pains, dizziness, difficulty in breathing and hot flashes are one of the many symptoms indicating an attack. Those who had have experienced such a crisis, stated that they felt like they were going crazy and have mistaken it for a heart attack.

In order to learn how to stop a panic attack properly, one must, first of all, know how a panic attack can start in the first place. Here’s a simple explanation: adrenaline is often at fault, because it causes the heart to pump extra blood. Although it makes you stronger and improves your skills, panic attacks are hard to deal with when they happen too often, and can make you incredibly unfocused and uncomfortable, incapable of functioning properly. It takes three minutes for adrenal glands to cause your body to be filled with extra blood, but it also only takes that much to stop a panic attack immediately.

How to stop a panic attack?

  • There are several breathing techniques that help reduce anxiety. By taking slow deep breaths in thought your nose and out your mouth and relaxing your body can help ease your mind. A lot of people start to take quick breaths which can turn into a full blown panic attack. Which then will make your feel dizzy because there is to much oxygen in your brain.
  • Learn how to have better control of your mind and body. One way to achieve this is through relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation. Teaching your mind and body to relax through yoga or meditation can be very helpful in dealing with panic disorder.
  • Exercise. Choose exercises that are fun and enjoyable. Avoid exercises that you think are boring to perform, they will not have any effect on you. Exercise motivates your mind and body to function properly. Therefore it is very important to exercise regularly. This will help you achieve your goal to fully recover from a panic disorder.
  • In order to stop the anxiety attacks, intentionally pressure your mind to utter some words to it, which is “this is not a threat” and it is fine to calm down. Continue to say this to yourself time after time inside of your mind, and in few minutes the power of those words will stop the panic attack inside of your unconscious mind. At this stage, you would be on an automatic pilot. Your unconscious mind is an essential aspect of your mind that makes your living day-to-day agile.


how to stop a panic attack

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